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Major Structural Repair

Major Structural Repair

Major Structural Repair – Lilburn, GA

Under the exterior protective shell of your car is a complex structure that protects the interior passengers during a collision. Major structural damage is when this protective interior framework is compromised and thus, not safe. Improper repairs to this framework lead to extremely dangerous situations for motorists.

At Osborne, we are trained properly to handle the structural repairs necessary for keeping your vehicle safe. Don’t compromise your safety by choosing cheap and quick alternatives, choose a shop that is qualified and will put your safety first.

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The Osborne Difference

Structural Repair in Lilburn, GA
There is no room for error when it comes to your vehicle’s structural integrity. Whether through counterfeit parts or an unqualified technician, there are numerous ways cut-rate body shops put your safety at risk for a quick buck. At Osborne, our OEM repairs offer full certified vehicle restoration from qualified technicians who never cut corners.
Focusing on the use of OEM parts guarantees a match on previous performance. Using the parts designed by the vehicle’s manufacturer is the best way to ensure it will operate at the same quality it did prior to damage.
Cutting corners is not an option here at Osborne and we will never compromise our customers safety. Our certified technicians are only taught to repair your vehicle one way, the right way. Following manufacturer procedures and protocol, we stick to the script and always protect the interests of our clients.
All of our high-quality repairs are backed by Osborne’s Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing the

Other Services

Osborne Bodyworks offers all forms of auto painting and repair. From cosmetic touch-ups to full paint refinishing, our expertly trained technicians are guaranteed to achieve an exact match. With decades of experience and the most advanced technology available, we have the ability and equipment to properly recondition any form of damage with the industries best paint products.

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Your first line of protection on your vehicle, the bumper, is essential to your protection during a collision. Primed to deploy your airbags, this repair must be done very delicately and to the exact specifications of the manufacturer. At Osborne, we offer OEM bumper repair that is guaranteed to restore your vehicle’s prior safety and performance.

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Our facility specializes in everything from minor cosmetic repairs to full body restoration services. We pride ourselves on an industry leading level of manufacturer certifications that help us guarantee our services and offer Lifetime Warranties to all of our customers.

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Dented car bumperWe specialize in all forms of cosmetic vehicle repairs. Dents, dings, and larger panel repairs are no problem for the specialists at Osborne Bodyworks who have been restoring damaged vehicles for decades. Dent repair is made easy at Osborne with our state-of-the-art paint booth and refinishing specialists.

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You can save thousands of dollars in excess charges with Osborne’s lease return repairs. Before returning your lease, have it inspected and repaired by our technicians to save you from the excessive wear fees that vehicle lessors make their money from.

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