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Collision Repair Process

Collision Repair Process

Our Process

The Osborne Bodyworks staff operates by a repair process that has been streamlined for quality, safety, and customer service. Our process is centered around providing quality repairs within a time frame that gets you back on the road as quickly as possible.

car being towed after accident


A visual estimate is your first step. The goal here being to provide you with an initial assessment of damages as quickly as possible so that you have the information necessary to decide whether you plan to move forward with the repairs under an insurance claim or out-of-pocket within a particular budget.
*It is important to note that visual estimates are purely a guide. After disassembly is complete, a more detailed estimate will be provided.

Full Damage Estimate

Once a course of action is decided, we will move forward with disassembly. This stage in the process is key to understanding the scope of all damage, including any underlying structural damage that may have occurred but was not detectable during the preliminary visual assessment.

Damage Analysis Estimate
Insurance claim form

Insurance Claim

This step is crucial for repairs being submitted to your insurance provider. At this time, all assessment details and projected repair costs are communicated directly to your insurance company. This occurs prior to the start of any repair work and is vital to ensure you are not hit with any large and unexpected costs after repairs are completed.

Frame & Structural Work

As soon as your claim has been processed and approved and the course of action for your repair is agreed upon, all parts necessary for the repair are ordered. All frame and structural repairs are completed to factory standards and your vehicle is soon returned to pre-collision condition.

Damage Analysis Estimate
bumper painting lilburn ga


Following any necessary frame repairs, our technicians begin the body and plastic work. Parts are repaired & replaced and painting preparation is started. Surfaces are prepared for refinishing, which is critical to the final appearance. Painting is then completed and your vehicle is ready for reassembly!


Reassembly is where everything comes together! The amount of work here naturally depends on the severity of the damage. Panels are reattached, lights replaced or reinstalled, moldings are put back, etc…

Car reassembly after repair
Vehicle Repair Quality Inspection

Quality Control

Although there are quality check points during various phases of the repair, we dedicate an entire step to checking and rechecking everything! Parts are checked, diagnostics are performed, and systems are calibrated to ensure manufacturer-level performance is met. Quality assurance is vital when safety is at stake.

Vehicle Cleaning & Return

As the final step, our technicians complete a thorough cleaning which includes a basic interior and exterior detailing. Your vehicle is now ready to be picked up! We will review all repairs performed and allow you to personally inspect the vehicle. Your keys will be returned and you are ready to hit the road again!

*If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints after picking your vehicle up, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. You will be connected directly to the acting manager and we will work restlessly until all parties involved are completely satisfied with the repairs!

Vehicle Detail and Return