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Post-Repair Inspections

What is a Post-Repair Inspection?

A Post-Repair Inspection is an evaluation performed by a qualified third-party to determine if your repairs were done correctly. This inspection is intended to protect you from improper repairs that can compromise your vehicle’s structural integrity and resale value.

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The Importance of a Post-Repair Inspection

With insurance company referral networks on the rise, shops are pressured to produce work at high speeds to produce a cheap, quick repair. Now a days, having your car inspected for proper repairs is a necessity. In some of the Post-Repair Inspections we have completed, we have found that shops cut corners and unsafe vehicles are put back on the road. Do you want a loved one driving behind the wheel of an improperly repaired vehicle?

Beneath The Surface

Although your vehicle may look great after repairs, what lies beneath the surface is what matters. Even vehicles that are not properly repaired can look great at first glance. An easy check to determine if your vehicle was repaired properly is to pay attention to the gaps between the panels. If you see a difference between one gap vs. the other like side, it’s a sign that there are structural issues with your car.

Some additional tips in making sure your car was repaired properly is to check to make sure that the headlight beams are properly aligned and check to make sure that your car doors open and close properly. A typical consumer cannot be expected to notice all of the problems with a repair. If you notice any of the issues listed above when checking your vehicle about repairs, it may be best to contact a dependable body shop for a Post-Repair Inspection.