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Assured Performance Certified

The Assured Performance Network is a non-profit organization aimed at connecting consumers with qualified collision repair facilities across the country. Body shops receive this certification through the advocacy and proper use of equipment and technology consistent with OEM repair requirements.

Linking us with thousands of consumer-first shops across the country, this certification verifies our consistent commitment to investing in industry technologies and training.

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Assured Performance Certified Collision Center

When you get in an accident, it is important your vehicle is repaired to its pre-accident condition. No matter whose fault the incident is, all vehicles involved have the right and should be repaired meeting manufacturer standards for safety and performance.

Assured Performance Certified Body Shop

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As a factory certified shop through the Assured Performance Network, Osborne Bodyworks is qualified to handle any type of repair on nearly every vehicle manufacturer on the road today.

After an accident, it’s your right to choose which body shop to have your vehicle repaired at. Contrary to popular belief, insurance providers can only suggest local body shops to have your vehicle repaired. The suggested shops often have arrangements in place with insurers that force shops to rush repairs, use cheap parts, and deliver vehicles that are unfit for the road.
The Assured Performance Network works exclusively with auto repair shops that exceed industry standards and comply with factory manufacturer procedures. Certifications don’t come strictly on the merit of training and reputation standards that pace the collision repair industry. Learn more about the Assured Performance Network HERE.
Osborne Bodyworks is a strict believer that only the parts designed by your vehicle’s manufacturer belong in your car. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are used in all repairs and offer us the ability to match the vehicle’s previous performance, safety, and appearance.
Osborne Lifetime Warranty-min

Lifetime Warranty

All auto repair work completed at Osborne Bodyworks is guaranteed for the remaining lifetime of the vehicle.

Family Owned & Operated

Osborne Bodyworks is a local family owned & operated repair facility that has served Lilburn, GA since 2000.